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This Blog has MOVED!

New site: http://www.genelladegrey.com.

Come on over to my new home and sign up for my Newsletter and subscribe to the blog there!

I won’t be answering any e-mails or comments from this old WordPress blog ~ So I’ll see you at the new website!

“Genella deGrey’s heroines aspire to be proper, but let’s face it, convention is boring! They inevitability end up entangled in a scandalous situation or two, which makes for a read that will keep you smiling throughout.”

From the Pen of Genella deGrey:







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81 Responses to “Home”

  1. thanks for your donation to the I heart books party!!

  2. Thanx, this is great.

  3. Hi Genella! Thank you for the masquerade on a stick card. That was an awesome hand out that really is memorable. It was a pleasure meeting you at RT.

    Please feel free to stop by http://www.PNG-StockPics.com as we’d love to help you with your promotional needs.

  4. It was a pleasure to sit next to you at the Expo. Good luck with your writing and sales!

  5. Hey, Genella!

    Thanks for letting me post this here.

    NOTICE: Anyone know any male models? Ellora’s Cave is looking for cover models and they need them to go to their convention in Ohio…ALL EXPENSES PAID…this September/October. If so, have them contact Shannon through Facebook: Shannon Ellora’s Cave


    Kahli Reid
    Editor, Ellora’s Cave

  6. Dear Genella,

    Farrah Rochon suggested your name to me. I apologize for leaving just a comment; I can’t for the life of me find another way to contact you!!

    Anyway, my blog, In Search of Giants, mostly focuses on writing, reading and the people who do them.

    This year, I’m trying to do an A to Z author interview series for back to school and need an author whose name starts with ‘G’. The questions are easy and quick. Would you be interested?

    If you are, would you let me know a good email for you, please? Also, if you know of anyone else – author, writer, agent, agented non-published- who might like to participate, I need all kinds of letters!

    Thanks –


    • I had a fun time with Aerin’s interview (all those weeks ago) – Thanks, hon! πŸ™‚

      Just in case anyone else is looking for my email addy, you can find it on this site, but it’s hidden from those creepy-crawler web thingies.

  7. Hi Genella πŸ™‚
    I got my box of goodies from RT, SO many books 8D, bookbags & swag.
    Thanks again for the cool contest:)
    Mindy πŸ™‚

  8. May you continue to soar with good tidings. All the best!

  9. Love you Site – I’m really enjoying seeing the covers of the books – oooh la la SEXY MEN

  10. Genella, Thanks so much for posting the ‘Say no to piracy’ icon. I’ll have it on both my website and blog asap.


  11. Thanks for the piracy icon. I’ve got it up on my website now. All the best.

  12. Looking forward to Love Divine!

  13. Genella:) I’m so proud of you:) Can’t wait to read Remember Me:)
    Wishing you continued success:)


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