How to Find Free Erotic Romance eBooks – Non-Pirated, that is!


I’ve recently joined the unemployed masses. My finances, even when I was an intricate part of the workforce, were tight. Now I’m going to have to punch another hole or two in the preverbal belt so I can squeeze it even tighter. I’m really not looking forward to this. I’m afraid. I am a single mom – I have no hero, no champion of my own who can help take care of me and my son – I’m totally on my own. If I fail, it’s all on my shoulders.


Now I’m scraping for coupons and freebies just to make ends meet – and I know I’m not alone in this.

About two weeks ago, not moments after my contract with The Walt Disney Company (and needless to say, my one-sided love affair/wanting to work there) ended, I thought about how all the money from the pirated ebooks would have helped now that I’m unemployed.


This sort of thing happens every day to artists – and some of you do it without batting an eyelash . . . or without even knowing you are doing it.


You’ll never fully understand the financial impact pirated books has on writers, musicians or on any other reusable art form until it happens to you.

I pray it never does.

Here are a couple of LEGITIMATE websites you can find free erotic romance ebooks you can download, guilt-free:

Total E-Bound

All Romance Ebooks

And finally, ANYTIME you want to look up legitimately FREE ebooks on Amazon, NON-pirated, promos by the author, follow these directions:

At the top of the Amazon page where the search fields are, choose ‘books’ in the drop down then type in $0.00, and hit ‘go’

Thank you from all of us authors for your continuing support! 🙂





~ by genelladegrey on February 15, 2012.

4 Responses to “How to Find Free Erotic Romance eBooks – Non-Pirated, that is!”

  1. One thing I can say I think your inspiring bc you think of others and I purchase many books from many authors when I have the money AND I have had the opportunity to go pirated, but never have and I look for free books through Kindle quite a bit bc it is legal, thank you for sharing the websites it is much appreciated keep up the good work and thank you for caring about others .

  2. Thanks a million.

  3. Hang in there, hun!!! And this is a very good point. Many readers really don’t know how the illegitimately free books hurt the authors. PLEASE everyone, be sure to buy from the author, their publisher or the online retailers. Many authors give their books away in contests, so there’s really no reason to download pirated books when there are so many free books out there that are legitimate.

    Thanks for posting, G!

  4. You are awesome. All the best!

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