Book: A Touch of Destiny (1880)

In the American wild west in the summer of 1880,

a widow gets another chance at love with a handsome young wanderer.

A Touch of Destiny made the top seller’s list on All Romance Ebooks!

Originally from an east coast society family, newly widowed Beatrice Gaitland, is doing her best to carry on with dignity and continue her ministry to the less fortunate in the rugged mining camp of Tombstone. However, survival will be difficult due to the fact that her late husband, Pastor Lindley Gaitland, has left all of their earthly possessions to his brother, Allen.

The handsome Luke Hughson, who rejected taking over his family’s Virginia plantation in favor of a more pleasant career as a gambler, has been accused of a murder he didn’t commit. Luke finds himself in the booming mining camp of Tombstone in the Arizona Territory, falling for a widow whom he finds hauntingly familiar and tempting beyond words.

Allen Gaitland, who has lived in the shadow of his older brother all his life, moves to Tombstone to take over Lindley’s ministry at the Sheppard of the Hills Church meeting tent. Allen is determined to win over the town and moreover, his brother’s widow.

Sensing he is too much like his abusive brother, Beatrice does her best to decline the advances of Allen, while another man gets under her skin like no one else ever has. She can’t help but long for the sensual touch of young Luke whom she just met. Of course it doesn’t help matters that Luke flirts with her un-mercilessly and leaves her smoldering for him.

Genre: Historical, Western – might be considered a ‘Cowboy Romance’ however, it’s more of a ‘Gambler Romance’ – but that’s not its own genre yet. 🙂

Read about Luke’s brother, Rory Hughson, in “Whisked Away.”

2 Responses to “Book: A Touch of Destiny (1880)”

  1. Awesome sounding story, G!! Congrats Gorgeous cover!! See you soon!!;)

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