Book: Sins of the Flesh (1893)

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London, 1893 – A skirmish between Baylian and his own free will, sets the warrior angel in opposition of a demon-possessed female, ensnared in a nightmare of laudanum and prostitution.

In saving her, Baylian may damn himself.


Baylian is not your typical obedient angel. Of course he fights for The Light, but his unexplored dark side has an influence over him he’d never expected to succumb so fully to. Meaning to save a whore from a brutal John, he suddenly craves a flesh to flesh mating of his own, but finds out too late that this particular female’s soul is in peril.


Rachel Clayton has been disowned by her father and rejected by her fiancé who preferred to keep a mistress even before he and Rachel had said their marriage vows. Now employed by a whorehouse, she sees no way of setting aside a life she didn’t choose. At the breaking point and desperate to get away, she seeks an escape. From out of no where, a man appears, wanting to be her saviour. The situation is laughable—a man, actually helping her? Then again, she can see no other alternative.


The irony is, this man has lost his memory; he has no idea who he is or where he’s come from. Together they investigate and discover an astonishing tale in which Rachel feels she’s altogether unworthy of participating.

This e-book is a very naughty, very dark novella, related to:



 Genre: Historical, Angels & Demons, Erotic Romance

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