Book: Whisked Away (1892)


1892 – not exactly a triumphant time for a women to pursue an occupation.

Virginia Clark tucks away her scandalously wanton ways, determined to become a professional chef.

However, her girlhood sweetheart, Rory Hughson, has other plans. The intrigue goes awry, when he’s unwittingly coursed into being not only her chaperone in the romantic French countryside, but her assistant in the kitchen.

Virginia “Ginny” Clark has not only learned her academic lessons, thanks to the generosity of her guardians, Luke and Beatrice Hughson, but she’s reigned in her girlhood curiosities about boys– curiosities that just about got her sent to the nearest nunnery, back in the summer of 1880. Now a promising pastry chef, Virginia, upon graduation from thee premier cooking school in New York, has been chosen for a summer-long job at a private house party in Barbizon, France. This opportunity is a dream come true for her until her childhood sweetheart throws a dirty fork into her custard.

After twelve years and much to his chagrin, Rory Hughson, Ginny’s willing accomplice in the notorious carriage incident of 1880, still feels protective of his first love. Rory is confident that his brother Ace and his sister-in-law, Beatrice, would never allow Ginny to traipse off to France un-chaperoned—and more importantly, tossed into a house full of randy French artists!

Thankfully, Ace and Beatrice agree—but have volunteered Rory to be her travelling companion.

Neither Virginia nor Rory are happy about the plan until things start to heat-up in the kitchen – or more accurately in the drawing room of a luxurious French chateau during a portrait painting.

Complications arise and cakes fall during the summer’s escapade – get ready to be Whisked Away.

Genre: Historical Romance

Read about Ginny’s Guardians, Ace and Beatrice, and witness her innocent curiosity about boys in the prequel to Whisked Away,  A Touch of Destiny.

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