Book: Unmasked (1795)

Some will be pursued

most will be caught

and all will be


Venice, Italy, 1795 – Gwendolyn Rawleigh longs for adventure, but has fallen into a clandestine, carnal game of instruction with an intimidating stranger who insists she must embrace this new found tuition before she can proceed.

Marcello Verdante finds the alluring Miss Rawleigh irresistible. However, he must remain anonymous for her safety as well as his own.

Ellie Appelton wants so badly to emulate Gwennie’s sophistication, but is afraid of where her own wicked thoughts may take her. She finds her liberation in a close, intimate friend . . . her impromptu Chaperone.

Never in his wildest dreams did Preston Rawleigh think to find himself attracted to his sister’s innocent best friend . . . Then again, the magical wonderland of Venice can reveal secret truths even a masked reveler cannot hide.

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 Genre: Historical, Early Regency, Erotic Romance

“The English Regency period occurred roughly between 1790 and 1820 (although some people will debate that–saying the true Regency period was between 1810 and 1820)”

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7 Responses to “Book: Unmasked (1795)”

  1. YAY!! You have your official book cover! Woot!!! Congratulations!!

    Arial 😉

  2. Wow!!!! Number 3! Keep rollin’ with it baby!!! I can’t wait to read this one! Go G! Go G! Go G!

    Arial 😉

  3. Genella

    I am so excited for you. I cannot wait to have my own copy of this.
    I knew one day I’d be standing in line for one of your books.


  4. Congrats, Genella!!! This sounds like my kind of read!!! And LOVE the unique setting. Any idea when it will release?

  5. […] sure to visit Genella’s blog to read her bonus chapter. I would highly recommend reading it prior to reading the book. Though it’s not crucial to […]

  6. OMG I LOVE IT!!! What a treat to read this prior to reading your book. Personally, I love back story and POSH on the editors who always tell us to edit them out! Thank you for sharing!!

    That’s my two pence…
    Arial 😉

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