z~ ADAM’s Memorial Page ~z

My first-born son, Adam Christopher Roland departed this realm

in early July, 2012, due to his injuries from a car accident that wasn’t his fault.

He was 24 years old, and he’d previously signed up to be an organ donor. We

recently found out that some of his organs went to benefit others. 

If you would like to remember him in a very special way, you can donate

to ProLiteracy in memory of Adam Roland. Here’s how:

1. Phone: Debbie Boccardo’s direct, toll free line is 1-888-926-READ (7323).

2. Mail: Donations, check or credit card, can be sent to ProLiteracy, 104 Marcellus Street, Syracuse, NY 13204, Attn: Development. A note should be included that the donation is in memory of Adam Roland.

3. Website: http://www.proliteracy.org/. On the home page is a donate button at the top right corner, click on it, next page click on donate now, fill out the online form. At the end of the online form is where the designation to choose in honor or memory of someone. Choose in memory of and they can type in Adam’s full name. Here is the direct link: https://www.proliteracy.org/give-donatenow

Adam was a reader and a gamer from way back.

Thank you for remembering him and for helping others at the same time.


5 Responses to “z~ ADAM’s Memorial Page ~z”

  1. Thinking of you Genella

  2. Hi Genella – thanks for sharing this beautiful page with us – I have sent a small donation in Adam’s name – wishing you Peace for the Holidays. Jim

  3. What a beautiful page, Genella! We will remember him fondly and all our love to you, hun. {{hugs}}

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