Sexy Historical Romance Novels ~

Valentine's Day books interactive: a postcard of a couple, c 1920s

The best advise for new authors of any genre is, “Write a book you would love to read.”

This is why I write sexy historical romance novels. I enjoy reading and writing juicy plots and sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. My stories will take you through the centuries of human history and intersect real historical characters, places and events with my fictional characters. 

Take a peek at my book pages where you can choose your favorite time periods:

A Touch of Destiny – 1880

Love Divine – 420 A.D.

Masterpiece – 1605

Oasis of Eden – 1923

Remember Me – 1889

Sins of the Flesh – 1893

The Trouser Game – 1895

Unmasked – 1795

Whisked Away – 1892

At the bottom of each link you will find the Genre (and sub-genres) of each novel in this shade.

By the way, all titles are available on Amazon.

Now just for fun, check out my future publications:


Happy reading!



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